Try HD voice like never heared before. We bring studio quality sound to phone systems by employing G.722 codes always.

Followme always
Be more effecient by taking advantage of the FindMe/FollowMe features where your clients can reach you matter where you travel without incuring       roaming fees.

We have a heavy focus on customization and meeting unique needs. Let us know what makes your buessiness process easier and we will implement it.

Global Footprint

SharpCall Communications offers variety of choices for phone and communication services to our clients through a vast network of partnerships (over 60 different Telecom providers and ISPs). Whether your headquarter is in Toronto and branch office in New York or if your local virtual presense is needed in Tokyo or Berlin, we are the right choice. Virtual Presense is not only the cutting edge technology but it is also dimishes local offices costs. Using this technology Long Distance and inter-company call charges can be avoided and calls can be auto distributed to agents all over the world (Automated Call Distribution) on 24/7 basis for better employee management.

SHARPCALL COMMUNICATIONS brings a professional public face to your business by providing you with the tools needed to automate your communication needs. This includes studio recordig of Interactive Voice Response messages, PBX functionaility, CRM (Contact Relationship Management), and much more.